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Default First knife, first time cutting brass

I am fortunate to live near Bob Evans. The last time I visited him, he gave me a homework assignment. This is not so unusual as Bob is a retired school teacher. He wanted to see three engraved knives the next time we got together. Another bit of fortune was receiving three knives from Gerber Knife Company to practice on. This is the first one. I have never engraved a knife before and never engraved in brass. My experience is in precious metals and I'm relatively new to engraving. The variation in ribbon width in the knot is intentional. I don't know that I like the variation though. I will determine the widest ribbon width needed, to fill the shortest side, of the area I'm filling in future designs. This will create greater space between ribbons on the wider side of the area i'm filling. I feel the consistency of ribbon width will improve the design. I will also attempt to improve consistency in the way the shading is done.
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