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Default The tricycle

The old manīs tricycle
My ability to get out and about has been limited. I have depended on Franca driving me everywhere I want to go. The other day, I started thinking about a battery powered tricycle as a way to achieve a bit of independence. I discussed the idea with Franca and she took me to a bike shop where I looked at what was available, and found exactly what I need. The only drawback is the price of $ 1,700 Euroīs.
Last night I thought that if I could sell my newly printed books:
The Hermit and the Boy, Josephine, or The Purple Heart, along with the limited number of intaglio prints I have left, I could raise enough money to help pay for this old manīs tricycle.
The prints are a limited edition and the number after the title of the print shows how many prints are left for sale.
If you are interested in an autographed book and a print for $25.00 (postage paid), please let me know by a private message at this site or on, along with your mailing address. I will mail them to you and you can pay for them when you receive them. I will provide you with the routing number to my Wells Fargo bank.
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