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Default Re: etching, start to finish

My mother taught me how to etch when I was about ten years old.
Cronite has good products. Ferric chloride is good. There are a number of nitric/hydrochloric mixes that work well.
Remember, they are all hazardous.
These methods I came up with by trial and error. I asked a lot of questions of older engravers, Bob Swartley helped me, Frank Hendricks had a lot of ideas about etching. I think he learned a lot studying Ken Hunt engraved Purdeys he saw in Texas.
There is a lot more to it than shown here.
The etchants and grounds are secret recipes, hehe, but I have some articles written and under submission to the "Glossies".
I can't let the cat completely out of the bag yet.
Most of what I know about recipes came from listening to Ken and Marcus. They have many years experience with this subject.

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