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That is correct Joseph, writing is a bit like engraving. I have been writing my "life experiences" in a notebook now for over two years, in my own handwriting, as I believe folks can see someone's personality through the way they write. The type written page has no personality and sometimes the subtle nuances are lost, maybe not so much in cursive. Maybe my heirs will be intrigued in the future reading of it, not so much as history but as a collection of my experiences, whether on a hunting stand, reflecting on certain memorable moments or just rambling about something stupid.
As with engraving, or any artistic endeavor by one afflicted by the need to create, sometimes you need to not wait for the "inspiration" but go ahead and just tackle the project, come hell or high water and "damn the torpedoes" and see where it leads you. It may not be the masterpiece you were looking for but the results may surprise you and turn out quite alright.
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