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Default The print and the end of this story

September 17th, 1982,found us in New Haven, Connecticut and the plane trip back was nothing like the trip over. I was no longer a sad desperate man. I was a different person totally. My biggest personal concern was Franca.
We arrived in New Haven in a rented car, then found a clean and inexpensive
motel for the night. That evening we went out to a Chinese restaurant for our first meal together in the United States.
Early next morning I left Franca at the motel and arrived at the corporate
offices of U.S. Repeating Arms Company with my portfolio of engraved plates.
I explained to the receptionist who I was and what I wanted and gave her the schools letter of recommendation. She in turn brought me to the personnel director’s office.
After looking at my work, he contacted the head of the Winchester custom shop, a man named Pardee, who looked at my work and then contacted his boss, Mr. Carl Hummel.
It was about two hours later that I was offered a job.
“Yes, we need an engraver. You have a job with us,” Carl said.
“What is the salary?” I asked.
I have forgotten the exact amount it was, around $9 or so. I was disappointed.
I thought back to school and the bloody boots. I decided to bluff.
“I’m sorry,” I said. “I’m not interested. I already have an appointment with a
company in California. I just stopped to see if you were interested in me.”
What did I expect to receive as compensation for my work, the personal director wanted to know.
I held my breath for a moment and then asked for $30,000 per year.
They asked me leave the meeting.
Richard Pelton, president and CEO of U.S. Repeating Arms Company came into the conference room about that time and shook hands with me. After a careful study of my portfolio, he explained employment at that salary would have to be a corporate decision.
I wanted to know when I could have an answer. After a brief meeting, they told me that the decision would take a week. A week of meals and motels would quickly eat up all of Franca’s money. I bluffed again.
“I’m sorry. I cannot stay that long. I have to be in California in a few days.”
The truth was there were no appointments with anyone. If I lost this gamble, I
could lose it all. I had gone too far to back down.
“Where are you staying?” President Pelton asked.
Not wanting to say I was staying at a motel 2. I answered, “In a small motel
near town.”
“Would you consider postponing your trip to California until we can make a decision, if Winchester puts you up in the Park Plaza Hotel? Of course we’ll pick
up all the expenses.” I explained that I had a friend with me. “Not a problem,” he told me.
I do not think I have ever had a bigger smile on my face.
“Yes sir,” I answered, shook hands all around and went back to get Franca and
tell her the greatest news. After we had returned the car, then checked into the hotel, laughing and dancing in the lobby as though we were at a carnival.
When the desk clerk said “Welcome to the Park Plaza Mr. Joseph, have a wonderful stay”
Franca whispered, “I’m so glad I met you Amore.”
From my journal:
September 18th, 1982 Hartford, Connecticut
Since arriving here, Franca and I have been guests of U.S. Repeating Arms Company.
We are staying in the nicest hotel room I have ever been in, in my life. The room
cost $145 per day and my bill here for at least four days is going to be over$600,00—more money than I have earned in the last year.
A few days later, the personnel director came to the hotel with an employment
contract for me to look over. Winchester had met my salary demand, made me a part of the company’s executive staff, in charge of the engraving department, with the title of Master Engraver.
In addition to all of this, there was a $1,000 dollar bank draft to help us settle in.
Two weeks later I returned to Lynchburg and paid for those blessed boots.
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