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Default This is how the story ends

I heard someone say “Hey Wilson, I have been looking everywhere for you pal.”
I did not recognize him without the sunglasses, until it was too late. His fist smashed the cartilage in my nose. I dropped the groceries when he drove his elbow into my eye socket, then his knee crushed my groin, the pain knocking me to the ground.
In a daze I heard Gina scream. “ Get him Jack,” That is when he kicked me, breaking ribs and rupturing my spleen. I watched helplessly as the dog sank his fangs into Sunglasses leg, and my beating came to an abrupt end, when Gina clobbered him on the head with the bottle of champagne.
In a crimson cloud of agony I tried to get up, but the pain was too much, I was fighting for every breath trying to hang on to consciousness.
I lay there helpless until the ambulance and the police arrived. The paramedics put me on the stretcher. Gina was crying, the dog was licking my bloody face. I remember saying, “Gina, if I live will you marry me?”Then I passed out.
The next six day were a blurred mixture of coma, pain, surgery, and intravenous tubes feeding me liquid opium and antibiotics. Occasionally I would open my one good eye and find Gina sitting beside me, and then I would fall asleep.
I was half awake when I heard a familiar voice from my past whisper, “I told you to never let your guard down my friend. You took a brutal bad beat and look like road kill.” I looked up and there was Lucky Bob.
At first I did not recognize him; his appearance had changed so dramatically. He had lost weight, grown a beard and was wearing Bermuda shorts and a faded tee shirt. Then I saw the Rolex on his wrist and knew he was back.
Bob told me he had bought Powerball tickets and won three million, eight hundred thousand after tax dollars. “Joe, my friend, I should have won the big money, but I did not. I have decided that this is as far as my luck will go; I am cashing out, quitting gambling and moving to a place in Mexico with a Latina sweetheart I met when I was down and out. She was born in a town on the Pacific coast called Zihuatanejo, She and I are going to open a pizzeria on the beach; it will be called Lucky Bob’s Café. There I will only play poker for fun, and buy a nice boat to go fishing in. I want you two come down when you are well and up to it.
l have been talking with your fiancé Gina, she says you proposed to her, and you two are going to be married as soon as you and Mr. Majestic are recovered and well enough to leave this hospital. She is a winner and you are a fortunate man, but I have a question.
Joe, who in the hell is this Majestic guy?” I started to laugh, but it hurt too much.
About the author
Born out of wedlock in 1938.raised on a state farm till he was eight when he was adopted, left school at sixteen and enlisted in the military the day he turned seventeen, where he spent five years playing poker, black marketing cigarettes, Scotch whiskey, and stolen gasoline to cover the expenses of losing at poker and chasing women. He was forced to leave this comfortable lifestyle when the US Air Force decided that his service was not exactly what they desired or wanted. He has failed at two marriages and suicide. Despite these temporary setbacks he has excelled as an artist, completed his education. Was employed as the master of the engraving for the Winchester custom shop, founded a very successful restaurant. His prints, sculptures, engraved guns, and paintings are in private and museum collections. He has written and published three books and several short stories. He is currently in the process of opening an art gallery in Italy where he resides with his loving and understanding wife of thirty four years.
Here is my finished Gallery sign, it measures 3x6 feet and I should be open for June 12th.
I hope you have enjoyed this story, find me on Face book and let me know if you did.
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