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. Omens of bad luck
I have always been a good winning player. For me the game is a mental exercise. I now play on line only for fun, not real cash In the last three years I have gone from a ranking of 1800 to a rank of 900 and had won over five million chips in the game.
Since I started publishing this story I have lost all but 1450 chips and am now ranked somewhere around1500. .I think Lucky Bob has put a hex on me-Hopefully when writing this story is done ,spring will be here, my gallery will be ready And, I will have engraving tools to work with ,and new inspirations to paint from-
Meanwhile, here is the next episode of Lucky Bob. I hope you enjoy it,
"What a large volume of adventures may be grasped within this little span of life by him who interests his heart in everything"-Lawrence Sterne
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