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Default AirGraver Networking

The purpose this networking section is to help those with an AirGraver that are willing to take time to help those wanting to see or try either a Foot Control AirGraver or PalmControl AirGraver.

If you are interested in seeing what all the fuss concerning the comparison of AirGravers to other engraving tools then post your interest and location in a thread in this networking area. Please don't give your house number or street address on the forum. You can do that in a private message later once someone contacts you.

The same goes for owners of AirGravers. If you're willing to take the time to show your foot control AirGraver or PalmControl to someone, you can post your city and state location.

So perhaps new threads and posts would be titled something like:
For those that have AirGravers:
PalmControl in Las Vegas, Nevada
Classic Foot pedal in Seattle, Washington
Or, For someone that wants to try one:
York, Pennsylvania, I want to see what the fuss is about

Steve Lindsay
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