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Default Re: Anyone with Palmcontrol airgraver in Notts/Derby UK?

Nowadays most any compressor 1/2 hp and up will work. It only takes .5 cfm. to run approx. 30psi. That is about a 1/12 hp. Storage tank size is key. I know friends that have made theirs out of everything from Chrysler car AC compressors to refrigerator compressors. Again the key is the storage tank. They just plumbed it to a large tank. A portable air tank you fill up to carry air in works super for a tank or extra tank. Most economical compressors use a diaphragm instead of a piston system to pump the air. Quieter but I do not believe as efficient. I have everything from silent, CO2, to 7 1/2 hp 80 gal industrial compressors and each one has it's advantages for different circumstances. Get a smaller one, add an extra storage tank, run 20 ft hose (to cool down the compressed air so you can collect the moisture), put regulator and throw away desiccant filter on the end and hook up your tools.
I always use quick connects on everything, even a ball valve to send air to different tools. my two cents

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