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Default Lindsay PalmControl and the GRS Airtact

Hi, I hope this does not upset anyone on this forum, the following are only my opinions.

I have noticed that this has been avoided or not discussed on this forum so first I will say I do not want to start an argument but here is my comparison of the Lindsay PalmControl and the new GRS Airtact palm touch element. This is based on my recent use of both at the FEGA annual show in Reno.

First I would like to thank the organizers of this show the tables were close enough that the trips back and forth were not too tiring for a semi old guy that was real plus.

I actually tried the GRS unit first as there was a crowd at the Lindsay table. I was amazed to see they had even tried to imitate a palm control at all as it is a patented unit to Lindsay Engraving. I took a seat and gave the GRS unit a test drive. I placed the graver to the plate and started to push, I had a hard time finding the sweet spot or the place on the handle that actually made something happen, then I pushed a little harder and the unit jumped to a start and I mean jumped. After I got it under some control the cutting seemed to be OK. I did notice what I will call a control lag as there was a delay in my request for power and when the power was actually delivered, at this time I assumed it had something to do with all of the tubing running about, there seemed to be plenty of it on the table.

Next I went to the Lindsay Display to test drive a PalmControl, I own a foot control classic now, I took the tool in my hand and it felt as though it belonged there. I got the scope in focus and touched the graver to the plate to give it a try. The tool felt like an extension of my hand responding to my slightest touch. WOW what tool control, what a tool. I cut a scroll and some lettering that was already layed out on the plate. Every touch every command was instantly reflected in the tool operation it was nice.

I made the trip back to the GRS table with some questions on the control of the tool and was told I needed to tune the machines (plural) to my own liking or needs. I tried the tool again and tried to adjust to what I wanted with not too much luck. I made the trip back and forth a few more times liking the Lindsay more and more.

It was then that it dawned on me why the control was so different. All and I mean all of the control for the Lindsay is in the handle right there where the work is done one very short piece of tubing between the tool and the control.On the GRS palm unit there is a valve on the handle leading to the Airtact unit, which is in the place of the foot control, and the Airtact unit is connected to the gravermax which is then connected back to the handpiece. That is at least 3 different units all having to wait on the other to get this thing going and all can and need to be adjusted. Not to mention the amount of airlines and the amount of air, which no one at GRS seemed to know how much it needed in CFM, and the different handpieces.

With the Lindsay it is all in the palm of my hand all the power and control in one place and one compact powerful machine. I only wish I had all of the talent to make the best of it.

In conclusion it is my opinion after trying both that the Lindsay PalmControl is and will be my choice for these reasons.

:yesnod: 1. Overall feel and appearance
:yesnod: 2. Full range of power in 1 handpiece
:yesnod: 3. Fully self contained no control boxes needed
:yesnod: 4. Very portable (very important for shows)
:yesnod: 5. No table full of controllers all adjustments on the unit
:yesnod: 6. It just works better for me

If any of you are waiting on this GRS unit don't just get the best now and go with the Lindsay. I am sure you will be happier in the long run also I understand that the GRS units will not be available for 2 to 4 months. I also understand many of the GRS instructors, their own cream of the crop, have not even had the chance to test this, I wonder who did an engineer or an engraver????

Again I hope this does not start a problem here but we are supposed to share ideas and opinions in a constructive manner and that is my intent.

Tom White
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