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Default Re: Solid VS Multiple Line Gold Inlay

I did my last tutorial (An Engraving Puzzle) creating the Brittany in sheets of silver and gold. This inlay will be done with wires.

I do not prefer one method over the other - I would only suggest that engravers who do inlay better know how to do both. There are many good reasons to use sheet or wire during the proper application, and on the particular subject at hand. Likewise, I have discovered that if you come off as an expert and say this is right way or this is wrong way to do anything, you will face immediate challenge and someone out there will prove you worng!

Once again, I use both solid and wire inlays, not preferring one over the other. I do believe that I save time and material (precious gold material) using the wire method. The Budweiser logo has lots of irregular edges and feather tips - it would be very time consuming to cut, trim and fit the A & Eagle using a jewelers saw.

Mike Dubber
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