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Default Re: Tutorial: Scuba Power for Lindsay Airgraver


A Scuba tank is a very nice setup.

I am setting up a welding tank 80cf or 120cf tank. It is filled with compressed air or Nitrogen (your choice).

I use one of these filled with compressed air for a breathing system when working with epoxy construction (airplane).

Note: To Filling scuba tanks at a dive shop you have to be certified to dive or they will not fill them up.
Scuba fills have moisture in the air so you do not dry out, can really mess up tools but better than compressors without a dryer system. (you still need a trap in the line). (round bottoms)

Welding tanks for a breathing system (compressed air) no problem if you tell them you need it for a compressed air system or what you are doing. (flat bottoms)

Nitrogen is no problem at all and no questions BEST CHOICE (for your health compared to CO2 and filling ease) since it in the highest percentage of the air on earth.

(you do not change the air around you when working, can make your lines go off)

Air Composition

The sea-level composition of air (in percent by volume at the temperature of 15C and the pressure of 101325 Pa) is given below.

Name Symbol Percent by Volume
Nitrogen N2 78.084 %

Oxygen O2 20.9476 %

Argon Ar 0.934 %

Carbon Dioxide CO2 0.0314 %

Neon Ne 0.001818 %

Methane CH4 0.0002 %

Helium He 0.000524 %

Krypton Kr 0.000114 %

Hydrogen H2 0.00005 %

Xenon Xe 0.0000087 %

Note:The gas from a welding shop is MUCH DRYER than the scuba tanks filled at a dive shop so no trap and better for tools.

I have a welding regulator on it (they are 2 stage) to get the pressure to whatever you need for the airgraver manifold. (welding Oxygen regulator works great).

Gas has different fittings but these regulator fitting's can be changed.

The difference is cost. You can find tanks (40-240cu ft) at the welding supply house used for moderate prices or go on your local craigs list and pick them up for 50-100. and regulators (oxygen) (if you don't have spare welding equiptment).

All standard welding fittings.

Here is the link for the greatest buy sell link you will ever need and it is local in your area. Listing is free, yes free and they call and pick up the stuff you have for sale local.... You can get anything also CHEAP including scuba gear.


Remember to chain your tanks to a bench or wall. even small co2 tanks have 600 psi and the big boys (scuba and welding are at 2800psi) yes they do go though walls, cars, or anything that gets in there way if you hit the valve VERY HARD (very rare). Welding tanks have screw on steel caps to protect the valve use them when transporting tanks.

Dr. Mike
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