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Default Re: Making your own grinding, mandrel

Hi Carl,

Very nice photos and thread.

I few months ago I picked up (and trued) 3 arbors for Bryan Bridges.

I use a Powerstrop arbor (1/2") that has a large washer type base than 2 larger washers and a large (flat nut).

I got it from Woodcraft supply store.

They sell the arbors alone for about $6.50. they are not as long as your from the drill chuck but the bottom is almost flat.

( I trued the bottom large washer type base on a lathe since Bryan wanted the lap to spin within .001).

I didn't use the washers at all with the trued arbor since they were just pressed and cupped metal and would throw off the lap. So it was just the arbor,lap,nut and in to the drill press.

The arbor has a 1/4 inch saft for mounting.

Here is a link of what the power strop (with a leather strop mounted to the arbor i am talking about).

Note : the ad says a 1/4 inch arbor but the nut and threads are 1/2 inch perfect for the diamond laps.

Maybe the leather strop could be used also to polish gravers Heels??

Looks like your set up works great too.

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