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Default Iowa beginner

Hi all,
I've been a member for years reading off and on but haven't been on in years. I've followed because my grandpa Barry Trindle was a master knife maker and beautiful engraver. This past winter I was asked if I wanted what my grandpa had left of his engraving equipment. The poor farm house wasn't being friendly to the basement and grandpas work area. I gladly said yes and recently moved where I have room to clean and set it all up. Unfortunately my grandpa passed away this Easter. Ill be posting as I set everything up as Ill have lots of questions on what some things are. Ive got a 50b ball vice and bausch and lomb microscope. Im excited to get started but of course wish I would've years ago when I had a great teacher close to home. I love flipping through everyones albums on here and reading through your tutorials.

Daniel Trindle
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