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Default Re: Inexpensive way to give it a try

Originally Posted by Cassie View Post
Steve I have Lynton McKenzie's videos and have been reviewing them the past week. If I remember correctly he buys four sizes of square blanks and makes all his chisels from just those. He brings all his information down to the basic, simple very understandable level.
Cassie could you do a post and upload that video for every one to view please.

Do you ship to the uk?
Whats peoples opinion on electric engravers for beginners,like the burgess pro?or|294%3A200

I know once I get started on this I'm going to be in it for the long run as I am very art minded and can draw,tattoo 3 hand with ease,Can basicly draw or tattoo what I can see but have problems keeping the vision in my mind but hey,thats were the internet helps ay.

Would like it if some one or some of you could post up some designs (forgive me if there is already a section on them).

Love the site and you can be sure to see me here a lot once I get started,Thought about the rotary engravers but there rubbish,I'm needing hammer type like the ones you make ste but there a bit out of my price range for a while which is why I am looking towards electric or push type,don't think I could do the hammering the chisel way but hey every one has to learn and practice.

Speak to you all soon,
till then,
Take care and do the best you can.

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