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Default Re: Antique Hand Engraving Machine + Accessories

I believe this machine is called a "New Century Engraver". Date = ??, but I think before 1900. Someone sent me a photocopy of an article about the New Century Engraver almost 20 years ago, but the copy has faded to the point where it is now virtually unreadable.

The New Century people offered fancy fonts which could be used to create monograms and similar. To go with these, they also offered something very cool: a clear plastic overlay sheet with uniformly spaced grooves on one face of the plastic. You could put a master on the master table, put the plastic overlay on top of the letter master, and trace to the edges of the letter in each groove in the plastic. Then you could turn the plastic sheet to a new orientation, and repeat the process. The result would then be the desired letter, with cross hatching, on whatever you were making. Or, if you did the cross hatching in only one direction, the letter would just have uniform shading lines on it. Another letter could then be placed where the first one was, and it could be engraved from so as not to obscure or over-write the previous letter in what you were making on the machine.

This is all I can recall of the process, and may be an imperfect recollection. I think I know where the masters are - maybe. I wish I was smart enough to figure out a way to make a plastic sheet with smooth and uniformly spaced grooves in it, because the same general idea could be used on a Cronite engraving machine, of which I have a nice example somewhat less that 50 years old.
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