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Default Re: Milestones and Millstones

Milestones and Millstones
Yesterday I sold my engraving tools to a jeweler in Zihuatanejo. It was a sad moment when he loaded them up in his jeep, paid me and then drove away. I will miss them very much. It is a millstone in my life...
I remember my first day learning how to engrave under the supervision of Ken Hurst in Lynchburg Va. wondering if I would ever be capable of learning such a complex trade, and the hours spent trying to understand how to draw scrolls, sharpen tools, transfer designs and use a hammer and the day Ken said that I was good enough to engrave my first gun, that was a milestone. Today I bought a car in Italy using the internet to research the make, model and price. And pay for it. Considering that I remember using a crank telephone and oil lamps for lighting that is truly a milestone.
I also learned that if you are over the age of seventy you cannot rent a car, get insurance or a drivers license in Italy. Therefore I shall be the passenger, unless I break the law and I most likely will as I have never followed others rules very well. It is another millstone on my journey through life. As I post this on Steve’s Water cooler I see that the number of people who have followed this post is close to 5,000. I consider this to be a wonderful milestone and I thank all of you. I have also found out that my book A Gifted Man, memoir of an artist is now available on line for about 4.00$ should you be interested in buying a copy, this is also another milestone.
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