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Default A Jar of Sunshine

I am most fortunate to have made a comfortable life for me and my beautiful wife of twenty nine years from art I produced.
During those years I have taken her on many small adventures. Mexico being the most exciting, dangerous, and the most daunting.
My life as fulltime artist is in many ways the life of a gypsy.I seem to be allways chasing after some idea.I think that this is my last studio
It was thirty odd years ago in a time of great personal depression that I discovered what I was born to do.My book A gifted Man explains all.
It was then I came to the realization that I was put on earth to make beautiful things and perhaps inspire others who are struggling to find inner peace.
I began my journey of learning when I made a vow to never lie or steal again.
I have put all my efforts into becoming an honest person and learning the discipline needed at my chosen art of hand engraving.
There have been many times that a lie of convenience would have temporally made life a bit easier, but never better. I have kept my vow for many years.
I do however lie at the poker table, and to my dog, who believes all that he is told.
I have lived ten years on this Mexican beach, in a home that we have built together. It has been my wife’s belief in my decisions and the management of our finances that has landed us here in this safe harbor. It is a place that most folks call Paradise.
I enrolled to my first art class at the age of forty two.
That class started a journey that has taken me all over the Uninted States, across the ocean to England, France, and Italy, hitchhiking parts of the way, without home or friend.
It was then that I learned of real cold and lean meals.
I have had my share of successes, and failures as a fulltime artist and I am pleased to say that the successes far out number the failures. I am now starting a new artistic adventure at the age of seventy-three. With my past experiences to help me I want to paint the gorgeous sunsets that present themselves to me each evening. Here is a new practice painting that I hope captures a setting sun. I am considering placing a full moon in the upper left corner and a half moon in the lower left.
Thank you for looking
Joseph Engraver
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