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Pat, this book is a reprint of "The Art of Engraving", written by Fred Holmes Rees. Originally published by B. Thorpe, publisher of The Keystone. A follow up to his book, "Modern Lettering Engraving."
Your "B.T. Horpe" I guess was to get around some copyright law.

In answer to your question, I think it is a very good book for learning lettering engraving, and not nearly as difficult to understand as some other older engraving books. The best of the older jewelry engraving books in my opinion. Most of what I have learned came from this book, but that is not saying much. Check my picture album.

You could try Meeks, Art of Engraving Book, which is centerd around guns, but the info also applies to jewelry.
Or try John Schippers new book on Engraving guns. Available on this site. I don't have it, but it has gotten very good reviews, and seems to be the best out there. I should get it, even though I have about 9 other "how to" engraving books, and do not plan on engraving guns.

This is not an easy skill to learn by books alone, and even with the help of the forums. Most all of the people that advance quickly have gotten lessons and use air power. I have not, and my progress is slow, and my results limited.

Describe more what you want to do with engraving, what tools you are working with, or want to work with, the amount of time and money to devote to it, and you will get some good advice.
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