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Default Re: Artisan and Palm Control

Originally Posted by papart1 View Post
Mr. Jacob...Rob Thrash here, just so happens I have a tobacco farm in Lee co. In Thomson Settlement, we are in FL. now but are coming to open the house up from winter storage, I WOULD ABSOLUTELY LOVE TO TRY THE ARTISAN, the Artisan would be the one I would get first, can you operate it from O2, co2 or compressor like the Palm? Please get back with me...........if you have a phone number I can add it to the cell and call when I get all the house work done. Rob
Hi Papart
I would suggest try both.
Artisan if you will doing setting work,but my advise would be go for the Classic Airgraver with the standard and the tungesten piston,that will do the work of both.MTC
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